No time to enjoy my heating and cooling system

I have three sons between the age of ten and fifteen, and they are all heavily involved in ice hockey.

They have multiple practices during the week and games on the weekends.

We frequently travel out of state for tournaments. Even during the summer months, the boys attended all sorts of ice hockey camps. I am convinced that I spend more time in the car and at hockey rinks than I do at home. I’ve spent quite a bit of money to make sure that my home is always perfectly comfortable no matter the weather outside. When the winter month brings temperatures down to negative twenty-five, I can simply turn up the thermostat and the house is warm and cozy. During those long, hot and humid summer days, I can rely on the air conditioner to keep our living space nice and cool. I rarely get to enjoy this exceptional comfort. The little heater and air conditioner in my car doesn’t really compare. Driving six hours to a tournament through the snow, I need to bundle up in my winter coat. When I get to the rink, I sit on metal bleachers that are as cold as ice. Although I try to position myself beneath the overhead electric heaters, I still shiver the entire time. Despite those heaters glowing red, I need to wrap in a blanket and hoep a cup of hot chocolate will warm me up. It is always such a relief to finally get home and take advantage of my central heating and cooling system. While I enjoy watching my boys play hockey, I really hate the cold.

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