My strategy for HVAC savings in the summer actually works

Sometimes all it takes is listening to what people are trying to teach you.

But honestly, that is just not my strong suit. I tend to be a learn by doing or by trial and error. Not that this method isn’t any good. It’s just probably not a bad idea to mix in some listening as well. When I first moved to the south, I was pretty miserable in the summer and all the HVAC cooling I seemed to need. But, I thought suffering through the summer was a fair trade off for the weather the rest of the year. And that is just pristine weather indeed. The heat pump hardly has to do any heating work during the winter here. No, the heat pump does all its big work during the summer heat and humidity. And I would pay through the nose for all the HVAC cooling I was ripping through. That’s when I ended up really listening to a native of the region on just how he deals with the cost of HVAC cooling. And it was so completely logical that all sorts of bells and whistles went off in my head. I was stoked to try this strategy out for myself. The first thing was to get the air conditioner tune-up from the HVAC company to ensure peak efficiency. Then, I sealed the house up tight. But the big thing was just waiting to turn on the air conditioning. Instead of reaching for the thermostat as soon as it got in the 80’s, I just left it alone. By the time the real summer heat hit, I was actually more acclimated to the heat. And that allowed me to have a much higher thermostat setting and save a ton of money.



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