New arrangement comes with creative HVAC use

My friends and I just finally looked at each other and decided, why not us? This was in response to the trend where groups of people are buying older, larger homes and turning them into homes with separate living spaces.

That means one big house but each private space has their own entrance and HVAC equipment.

It was so intriguing that we started running down the legal aspects. All of us are far too tight to let money come in between us. That took us to a lawyer who does this sort of thing and we made sure that we were all comfortable and we all had an exit strategy. Once the legal stuff was done, it was all about finding the right house. It took six months but we found it. This house was three floors that sat on 2.5 acres. It was perfect. There was existing HVAC equipment but we had that removed as it was really out of date and really not part of the plan. Prior to buying this house, we had an HVAC contractor help us figure out how to do the heating and cooling so each floor had its own thermostat. We decided against the zone controlled HVAC and went with the ductless multi split system. This way we all have dedicated HVAC equipment that we can also track utilities separately as well. And we also added a ductless mini split to the communal kitchen area. All of this has worked out beautifully thus far. Now, I write a check to the mortgage and to building equity. No more flushing rent right down the tubes.

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