I think I need to do weightlifting too

I am a gymnast who tumbles for fun.

  • I am not training for the Olympics or trying to compete.

I just want to see what I can do and get a good work out. I started out just tumbling two days a week. Then I bumped it up to around four. Now I am tumbling seven days a week. I have noticed my tricks have improved, so has my flexibility. Unfortunately I am sustaining a lot of injuries and I am sore all the time. The Olympics were this year and I got to see a lot of promo videos of the tumblers. I was surprised that the videos showed the gymnasts working out, but doing non tumbling workouts. I watched Simone Biles climb a rope, lift weights and do crunches. Now that I think about it, it does make sense to attack other muscles in the body to build strength. Simone can’t do floor tumbling everyday without being super worn out and sore. I think I am going to back my tulbing off for five days and do weight training the other two days. I want to see if that helps me improve. Unfortunately I have never done any weight training before. I don’t even own free weights. I did find a group fitness class offered at the health and fitness center near me. They only do weightlifting in that class. I asked around and it sounds like it’s more than lifting free weights too. People talked about medicine balls, poles and kettlebells. I am excited to try it out.

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