Training for a marathon

I decided that I am going to do a marathon this year.

I am 27 years old, no kids and I already am in pretty good shape.

I run just about everyday but only 4-5 miles worth. A marathon is 26, so I need to get moving. I downloaded a running app that tells me what I need to do per day. I don’t run every single day because I need my muscles to recover, but I do at least four times a week and one run is a big one. I will do around three days of four miles runs and then on the weekend be bumped up to a seven mile. It is a good way to build endurance and stamina. I have been loosely towing with the idea of hiring a personal trainer at my local gym. Every now and then I go to the gym to get a smoother surface for my run. I can practice hills and have the option of quitting if it is too much. I like being in the air conditioning and not having to bring a water pack during a run. They offer fitness experts that can help you with your goals. I think a personal trainer could get me in shape for the marathon. I am sure there are things I am not doing correctly. I bet my stride, breathing and arm positioning isn’t perfect. I haven’t tackled what I am eating at all. I would think a personal trainer would know the proper way to get prepared for such a huge undertaking.

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