My biceps need work too

The worst is doing punching drills with gloves on

I do a gymnastic based workout seven days a week. I change what gymnastic element I target but it is always tumbling. I do either walkovers, back handsprings, tucks or cartwheels. What I love about gymnastics is that just about every muscle is getting targeted. My abs get a ton of work when I do tucks. Back Handsprings are good for my butt and legs. Walkovers are good for my triceps. When I string tricks together I get a good cardio workout. The only downside is that I have noticed my biceps never get touched. Apparently the tricks I do just don’t get that muscle at all. I have tried to do weight lifting on the side so that I don’t totally neglect that muscle. I have found that I hate lifting weights. I tried to make myself do 10 minutes a day of weightlifting work but I always ensure I don’t have time to do it. I am now trying a fitness class once a week. I think it is good for my gymnastic muscles to rest and try something else. The fitness class is strictly weightlifting. It isn’t just lifting free weights though. The fitness instructor has me using medicine balls, weighted poles and doing push ups. I can always trick myself that I am not doing any bicep work. The worst is doing punching drills with gloves on. That just kills my arms by the end of a session. I am hopeful that I start seeing a difference and maybe notice my tumbling improve along with my biceps.


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