My sister had HVAC installed for her dog

My sister is truly bad about spoiling her pet.

I keep making fun of her for it, although she doesn’t seem to care.

She enjoys this pet more than life itself, and to truly care about the pet is just like her kid or something. I keep telling her that she has truly hairy genes because her daughter is super hairy, but she doesn’t think that that’s funny. Anyway, she spoils the pet like crazy and just when I thought that it couldn’t get any worse with her, it does. I just found out the other day when I went over to visit her that she is having a special home built for the pet out in the backyard. It’s not just any house, either. It’s like a tiny little mansion. The day that I was there, a heating and A/C truck showed up and when I asked what they were doing there, my sister explained that they were there to install the heating, a/c, and ventilation system in the new pet house out back. I nearly choked on my coffee when I heard this. I mean, the pet stays in the home most of the time anyway and so I don’t even understand why it needs a house. She says that she needs her own space sometimes, but not only does she need her own space, but obviously she needs her own little heating and cooling system. She’s even getting a little UV air purifier installed in the pethouse. It’s truly the craziest thing. Sporadically I worry about my sister because I think that she might be losing it!

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