My wife worked for one of the local HVAC businesses

My partner has decided that she wants to begin up a new commercial HVAC corporation next year.

She’s been working for one of the local heating and cooling companies here in the neighborhood for quite a few years now, they only do commercial HVAC work! They have a pretty large business, though, and so they are looking for someone to do commercial HVAC work for them.

When they weren’t able to make it work with both commercial and residential HVAC at the same time, they decided to focus on the residential work instead of trying to expand after all. That’s when my partner got the bright idea that she was going to leave the heating and cooling corporation that she was working for and begin her own commercial HVAC corporation instead. She said that she just knew that it was time for her to venture out and begin her own business. When she realized that there was such a need for the community to have a commercial HVAC corporation there to take care of the diners, shops and theaters, she thought that she could fill that void. She has decided that next year, she’s going to begin this corporation and get all of the commercial HVAC customers in the neighborhood to come to her for all of their heating and cooling needs. I believe she’s going to do superb whenever she finally gets the corporation going. She’s already a very superb HVAC serviceman and I believe that she’s going to be an even better owner and manager of her own business..


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