The sound of the a/c

I think that Uncle Mike has regularly been the odd dove of the family… I remember him coming over to visit on holidays when I was a kid, she aromaed funny, from what I would later learn was copious amounts of marijuana, although she was regularly gregarious and quick with a joke… When I was a teenager Uncle Mike showed up in a school bus a single afternoon, and parked it in the side yard, but that bus, and Uncle Mike, stayed there for the next multiple years.

The bus was never intended to be her vehicle, however her domicile. It wasn’t bad after she converted it, and it had electricity, air conditioning, and a working bathroom. Well, the toilet was more of an indoor outhouse, if that makes any sense, which made the air conditioning all the more extravagant to keep the locale aromaing okay. I remember the big yellow extension cord that ran out from under the garage door into the sliding door of the bus, the a single that kept the AC going. That ancient a/c, which was the box genre kind she had bolted into a single of the windows, ran 24 hours a afternoon. It became adore the sound of the tide, where I just got used to it, and if the a/c ever got turned off it sounded weird! I remember waking up a single morning and thinking that something felt different, and it was because the AC machine was turned off! I went outside and saw that the bus was gone, only the yellow extension cord left behind in its wake.


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