Geothermal heat pump is environmentally friendly

Environmental responsibility is severely pressing to our partner and I. Both of us make an effort to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible. Both of us share a vehicle and most often walk, ride our bikes or take public moveation. Both of us recycle all of our cans, plastic and gas bottles and use our organic dining room waste to fertilize our garden. Both of us grow most of our own vegetables, irrigate by way of a rain barrel and avoid the use of pesticides. Our most beneficial investment was our geothermal heat pump. Both of us chose the most environmentally friendly means of heating and cooling on the new market. A geothermal heat pump avoids the burning of fossil fuels. There is no combustion process, eliminating the threat of yellowhouse gases, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and fumes. It works by transferring existing heat between the ground and the home. The underground maintains an even year round temperature, no matter the weather outside. The geothermal heat pump takes fortune of this free and renewable energy source and legitimately generates more than 2 units of energy for every a single it consumes. It achieves a 400% efficiency rating, and the cost of keeping our condo perfectly comfortable is minimal. Plus, the geothermal heat pump provides a virtually free source of hot water. The operation is appealingly quiet, scrub and safe. The idea is effective at dehumidifying in the summer, doesn’t dry out the air in Wintertide and helps to filter out contaminants. My partner and I are currently looking into installing solar panels to generate electricity to run the heat pump. Both of us would then have free heating and a/c.


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