Unfortunately we had pine needles all over the air filter

The air filter was covered in pine needles, dust, plus dirt

Christmas is getting really close, however my family plus I already have our tree up! All of us have regularly put up the Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving. It has been our tradition for twenty years! When the kids were little, it was a nice hobby to fill the day. It consistently provided us with rest after spending most of the day shopping on Black Friday. The kids would have the most wonderful time decorating the tree while my partner plus I snoozed on the couch for a little nap. This year, all of us had a fairly sizable mess. All of us made the choice to put the tree in the den where the fireplace happens to be. I thought it would be a spectacular change, since all of the kids don’t live in the same home anymore. My partner plus I trimmed the tree with a wreath, balls, garland, plus a good amount of homemade ornaments the kids created over the years. All of us never stopped to think about the fact that the tree was in front of our intake vent. When I changed the air filter last week, the whole front was covered in pine needles. The air filter was covered in pine needles, dust, plus dirt. I saw our mistake plus we had to transfer the tree away from the vent. I checked a few afternoons later to see if that solved the complication plus I did not locate any more pine needles on the air filter. All of us will have to find a much better place for the tree if all of us are going to keep it out of the residing room.

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