Get a good website

I was talking to a buddy a couple of weeks back.

She was telling me how much work she was getting as of late.

It was just a small business, plus she wasn’t worried about getting all the big-time business ads plus websites built. All she wanted was a workable website that she could use for people to find her plus put in their orders. Sadly, the web design she came up with wasn’t getting any work at all. She forgot the web address she used plus tried to find it through a web search so she could look at the website from a purchaser’s perspective. When she couldn’t find her website, she knew she had a problem. Her daughter was taking classes in computer coding plus she wondered if she could go over to the website plus tell her what she did wrong. What she found out was her web design was not great. She didn’t have keywords that would allow her website to be found through searches. There were missing links that took a prospective customer nowhere. She didn’t have a start page that said what she did or how the idea worked. There was no way for people to sign up for information or even to put in the order. Her daughter explained that the web design was crucial not just to be found, but that would pique a person’s interest plus make them want to find out what it was all about. I gathered from our friend’s experience and when I went to open our business; I hired a professional web design creator to help me get our contractor up plus running.

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