The new sign says it all

My dad and my uncle started a small business five years ago.

My Dad was working on HVAC repairs and my uncle wanted to open a small business.

They started renting commercial building equipment like backhoes, Bobcats, and excavators. They also rented lawn care equipment like mowers, tractors, and pressure washers. They recently added a new department to the company and now they rent portable chillers and industrial boilers. In a year, my Dad had more than a dozen calls for commercial and industrial equipment rentals and my Dad wanted to capitalize on the growing industry. My sister and I were in charge of the advertising for the new division. My sister went to school for advertising and I went to school for business. Neither one of us were interested in learning about HVAC repairs, but we wanted to be part of the family business. My dad put us in charge of the advertising for the portable chillers and industrial boilers. My brother and I came up with a new logo and we had an office company make a banner for the store. It’s clear that the new sign is a head turner. The electrician finished putting up the logo and the new sign an hour before dark last night. As soon as the lights went down, our banner glowed with gold and silver letters. Under the name of our company, portable chiller and industrial boiler rentals flashes in red. The sign makes it easy to understand what our company sells and the services that we offer. I know we will see several sales from the new advertising campaign.

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