A month to month rental has been really helpful

I think that moving is at the top of the list of the worst experiences a person can have.

I absolutely hate it.

And, I should know that very well because I have had to up and move numerous times. This last time, it was even worse since I have a family that I have to uproot. The kids were all bummed since they had to leave their community of friends. But they are still excited about the short term rental that we are all moving into. This short term housing choice is an absolute blessing for our family for this move. Plus, the family and I are moving to an area where we have visited in the past and so that’s pretty exciting for the entire family. I had to go out earlier than they did and so I stayed in the corporate suite. It was okay however it was far too small when my spouse and my youngsters came out to visit. When the house sold, they moved into a furnished month to month rental in order to finish out their year at school. When they did, they joined me in a place that I was able to find with a month to month lease. This allowed us to have a temporary house in our new town. That way, our family could begin our life again. We all had to look for a more permanent home. For us, it’s been a wild ride. The youngsters and my wife have been great, nothing short of amazing. I recently told my boss that we are all going to stay put until the youngsters are out of school. Either that or they can find someone else. The month to month lease and the short term rental has been great. But, there is still nothing that is better than the feeling of being home.


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