We moved and found a week to week rental

In my opinion, moving is right on the list with the worst experiences in life.

I don’t like it a bit! It’s probably because I have had to move multiple times.

This last time, it was even worse as I have a family that I have to uproot. My kids were naturally incredibly bummed they had to leave their community of friends behind. Yet, there’s some excitement about the short term rental that we will be moving into. This short term housing option is an absolute blessing for us for this move. We will be moving to an area where both of us have vacationed in the past. So it’s kind of exciting for the entire family. I went out early and I stayed there in the corporate suite. It was okay but it was just far too small when my wife and the kids came out to visit. When the home sold, they moved into a furnished week to week rental in order to finish out their year. When it finally sold, they joined me in a place that I was able to find nearby with a week to week lease. This allowed for us to have a temporary place to stay in our new area. And that way we could start our life again even while we were still looking for a permanent home. It has been a wild ride for us but kids and my wife have really been nothing short of amazing. But I told my boss that I was done with moving. We are staying put until the kids are out of school or they can find someone else. The week to week lease and the short term rental is just great. There is nothing better than the feeling of being at home.

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