My HVAC workers always wear masks when they’re here for service

I’m thankful that the employees at all of the stores in which I shop are forced to wear face masks.

With the returning COVID crisis, there hasn’t been a more crucial time to get extreme about the virus than right now.

Numbers are skyrocketing in states all over the country as the infection and death rates climb. To see employees go separate from masks in any sort of corporation is unfathomable, especially in nurses’ offices and pharmacies. It doesn’t matter if they’re working in a small building or a big building with significant air circulation, I still want to see every employee covering their face. When the auto shop changed our oil the other day, no one in the store room had a mask on. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I’m not trying to imply that mechanics need to cover their faces while working on your car. However, the people behind the cash register absolutely need to. They rest in the lobby while all of the customers wait seated. I was distraught that our mask would be insufficient with this level of exposure. Thankfully our HVAC supplier has better viral protection strategies. Every single heating and cooling worker is forced to wear surgical masks while at a customer’s house. Even if they’re dripping with sweat out in the Summer heat, the supplier forces them to keep their masks on at all times. They think how dangerous it would be for an employee to inadvertently infect a customer’s a/c with viral particles. This could put the viral microbes airborne and in rare cases infect the inhabitants of the house.
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