After getting a new air conditioner plus moving it inside, the air quality improved

I don’t savor the way that new houses are built in my city.

The developers get the cheapest dealers that they can find, often 1s with reviews so bad that members of the public will refuse paying for their service.

You have so many things that could go wrong with the foundation alone. My friend’s house was plagued with sewer gas problems because the pipes were laid inrespectfully plus the concrete foundation pushed them further out of alignment as it settled in five to many years. It got so bad that the p-traps under the sinks would get pulled from insufficient air ventilation in the plumbing system. This lets sewer gases into the house from the pulled p-traps. I also hated how they installed her air conditioner upon finishing the house. They insisted on hanging it from the ceiling in the garage, in section because it’s cheaper plus easier than running refrigerant plus condensate lines into the heart of the house. She kept having issues with the air handler chilly up as ice would form on the coil plus impede both air flow plus natural defrosting effects. This pushed him to talk to a local HVAC business about getting a new air conditioner plus finding a better location for the air handler. After getting it put into an old coat closet, the new air conditioner works much better than the old 1. They have the same air cooling capacity plus the same SEER value, but the new 1 never freezes over. All of that sizzling garage air is no longer affecting the energy efficiency of her HVAC system.

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