You need to replace the UV bulbs in your air conditioner every 12 months

I think that climate change is slowly affecting the habitat and natural environment in the area in which I live.

I know that we’ve always had airborne allergy irritants in high volume, especially during pollen season.

My home is in the south near the Gulf Coast, so the weather is warm and humid for much of the year. Obviously mold has always been a concern in this kind of climate, but I’m starting to think bacterial colonies are growing in higher numbers outdoors with the warmer and wetter weather. In the middle of the night when humidity is at its highest, parts of my town smell horrible. Small ponds have turned into green cesspools of disgusting organic growth. I have developed lung irritations to all of this mold and bacteria and I felt like nothing was working. Short of being on steroids all of the time, I wasn’t sure what I should do about the mold and bacteria exposure. My HVAC technician told me about UV light air purification systems and how they destroy mold spores and bacteria on contact. You can even buy the UV bulbs and have them installed inside your air handler so it adds a layer of air purification in addition to your HVAC filter. These UV bulbs also prevent microbial growth inside the air conditioner. However, they quit working after 10-12 months, but you won’t know when it happens. The bulbs continue emitting the same amount of visible light even when they have lost their air purification potential. That’s why I have new bulbs installed every eight to nine months to be safe. I don’t want to randomly lose the effects from my UV bulbs because I waited too long for replacements.
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