Difficult parking

I recently got a new job and I love what I do.

However, every single day of the month when going to work it becomes a hassle when it comes to parking. Trying to park at my job can be entirely tricky because they don’t have a large enough parking lot. And this is due to the fact that they have their huge commercial heating and a/c resting there! The commercial heating and a/c that heats and cools the building for some reason is in the parking lot section as it sits right around the side of the building. And because of the commercial heating and a/c and how huge it is, it ends up limiting the spaces available to park. A lot of us have complained to the office about the commercial heating and a/c making parking so difficult. The owners of the office and the building completely agree and they said they are working on a solution. It’s been a few months and both of us haven’t heard any progress on the relocating of the commercial heating and a/c. All of us in the office are hoping that sometime entirely soon both of us will hear some kind of action about to take locale and service this ongoing issue. It is just pretty difficult to imagine that parking is so horrible because of the localement of their commercial heating and a/c! If something isn’t done within the month, I am going to say something personally again to the management in hopes that they will do something.


New heating units