Going to work

I love my job and I love going to work every single day, then you see I work as a certified heating and air conditioner specialist, and while working as a certified heating and air conditioner specialist I experiences all kinds of things daily, one hour I could be messing with a geothermal heat pump, the next a central heating and a/c in someone’s home, and the next i might be repairing a commercial heating and cooling equipment in some large office building, then it never gets dull and it most entirely is never predictable! Heating and air conditioner may sound enjoy a boring industry to be involved in day and in and day out, but think myself and others it is not, heating and air conditioner is really becoming more and more interesting with each passing year with the onset of new heat and a/c technology every time you bconnect, then this makes our job as certified heating and air conditioner specialists more intriguing and more to look forward to.

The feeling you have when you suppose you have fixed someone’s heating and a/c is something that you would have to just live to totally understand.

It is a feeling of victory! Especially when the issue with the central heating and a/c is rough! Geothermal heat pumps are another story, with geothermal heat pumps, when you repair those it is enjoy winning the battle against a major war! That is how complex geothermal heat pumps can get in the line of duty.


Cooling and heating business