The air conditioner plan was fixed a little too late at my nephew’s play

It was crazy when I went to my nephew’s play.

  • I never have been a big fan of plays, however I wanted to show my support since he invited me! His parents were as proud as ever, however everything was a mess! The auditorium was blazing hot because the air conditioner plan wasn’t working.

I even asked around to see what was going on with the air conditioner plan and I was told that an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation had been called earlier and the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation was supposed to show up at any time. Well, it’s a shame they didn’t decide to postpone the play or at least wait until the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation arrived. The locale was so overheated without air conditioner that everybody was dripping with sweat, including the cast members of the play! Because they were all overheated and sweaty, the lines were really butchered. It was care about everybody couldn’t follow the play properly because they were feeling overheated and disoriented. I had to disclose though, because of this, a lot of us were laughing a lot because it made things funny. The cast members picked up energy when people were laughing and they made the best out of a disappointing situation! Finally towards the end, the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation arrived and got to work. When the cooling air finally kicked in and the air conditioner wafted across the audience and the members of the cast, everybody was so blissful that they all standed up for a resting ovation! Even though the play was really butchered, it was hilarious and they did pretty fantastic under the circumstances. I guess every one of us were all applauding for the air conditioner relief as well, even though it was a little too late.

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