Both of us got currency together to have UV air purification system installed at the college

In our community, everybody was a little bit worried in addition to worried about sending the children back to college; A lot of people were opting for remote reading, however we couldn’t do that because we have to work to keep food on the table in addition to spend money the bills.

A bunch of us parents actually had a meeting with the college board to see if they would install special UV air purification systems in the college so that the youngsters could be safe from the virus.

While they admitted it was a pretty wonderful idea, they informed us that they didn’t have any room in the budget for that. A lot of us were furious that they wouldn’t change up the budget in addition to prioritize something as necessary as a UV air purification system. So a bunch of us ended up going around the community to option up donations towards installing a quality UV air purification system at the college! People were actually ecstatic about the system in addition to everyone donated especially if they had youngsters attending the same college. It didn’t even take us long to come up with the currency needed to have the UV air purification system installed at the college. They were actually shocked when we came with the currency, in addition to they didn’t hesitate to have the UV air purification system installed after the currency was provided; Now thanks to our efforts, we can assume more peace of mind knowing that our youngsters likely won’t get sick at college thanks to the quality UV air purification system they have now.