Finding the perfect Heating and A/C solution

The condo my hubby and I bought did not come with Heating and A/C equipment, the previous component must have died, been detachd and then before the homeowner could sell her house, she died, i got quite a deal on the condo because of this, however, not having Heating and A/C was a bit daunting.

I knew I couldn’t go forever separate from heating and cooling. In the wintertime no heating meant that the pipes could freeze, the water would expand inside them and cause the pipes to burst. In the summer time no AC means the humidity would create condensation on my walls, floors and corners. I then would have mold growth, wood mangle and bugs… Choosing the perfect heating and air plan wasn’t self-explanatory though. I looked online at a Heating and A/C company’s website. They had so several different systems to choose from, and did I want ductless or to connect to existing HVAC duct? Did I want some type of oil furnace or fireplace? There are mini splits and heat pumps that are more high-priced however said to be more efficient. There are boiler systems and radiant floors that have several capabilities except they only give heating. I ended up just talking to my local Heating and A/C specialist and asking for advice, then every one of us walked through my condo and she determined what I physically could have and found out what I needed. Did I want zone control? Did I mainly want heating? How crucial is powerful AC? After all the questions were answered, the Heating and A/C professional found the perfect solution for me. I am ecstatic with the end result.

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