Loving the old cottage now that there is heating plus cooling

My mom plus dad have passed recently.

They went truly close to each other which is somehow sort of a blessing.

Knowing that they didn’t have to do without 1 another made losing them both a bit easier. However, as the sole heir, I have had our work split out for me in settling their estate. I had no idea just how much work being the executor of their estate would be. There have been plenty of late evenings under the Heating & Air Conditioning vent at the family room table trying to get it all figured out. But I definitely wanted to make sure that their wishes were seen through. Once much of the estate was settled, I had to figure out what to do with the old cottage they own. It was a site that our dad enjoyed. He would drag mom plus me out of the Heating & Air Conditioning comfort of lake condo to that old cottage in the woods. It was a neat site however the cottage was truly rugged. But instead of selling it plus the land, I chose to make it something that I could pass on to our family. This required some upgrades. And adding Heating & Air Conditioning equipment was a top priority. Thankfully, I have a friend who is an Heating & Air Conditioning professional. I coaxed him with nice food plus better beer to come up to the cottage plus help me install heating plus cooling. It truly wasn’t that difficult because the ductless heat pump is just so straightforward to deal with. And now, all of us have great heating plus cooling on our trips up there to continue renovating the cottage.

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