Finding the reason for important heating bills

I realize that when you’re a rookie at winter, there are plenty of mistakes that you’ll learn from.

At least this was our feeling after our first Winter time up north. Having lived all our life where the heat pump was more than enough for heating, I was in for a crash course when it came to a gas oil furnace. The site I bought entirely had the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment upgraded prior to our moving in. So that was truly a great thing. Every one of us knew that going in to our first freezing winter, all of us had great Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. But all of us still suffered a bit that first year. The condo was never truly cozy plus yet all of us were spending a lot on heating. But again, all of us sort of wrote it off to just being new. So going into our third winter, I was determined to find the cause of the freezing in our house. Winter time number 2 was basically a repeat of Winter time number 1. With the help of a work neighbor though, I finally found the heating cost culprit. There were two windows that weren’t correctly insulated when they were installed. This didn’t take too much work to fix. But the results have been so amazing. It’s still early on however the Winter time weather is no longer making its way into our now cozy little house. Plus, the heating costs were dramatically reduced. I’m just so ecstatic that I didn’t provide up on finding out why the condo just wasn’t sizzling enough. And thankfully, I had a neighbor who knew just where to look.


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