So much better with air purification

The things you learn that seem to be so obvious continue to confound me.

This time, it’s the Heating & Air Conditioning plus its relationship to nice indoor air conditions.

This is something that really makes complete sense to everyone. But somehow, I missed the boat when it came to the importance of quality indoor air. For some reason, I just thought the Heating & Air Conditioning air filter was cleaning the air. That’s how out of touch I was when it comes to the Heating & Air Conditioning plus indoor air conditions. I don’t have a HEPA air filter however rather a cheap paper air filter for the Heating & Air Conditioning. That air filter is doing nothing to protect our health at all. It’s simply making sure there are no airborne particles that are important enough to mess up the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. I l acquired all this when I chose to research the odd ways I could strengthen our immune response last year. And this led me down a path to where I l acquired that indoor air conditions is 1 of the most crucial things to consider for immune plus overall health. So I called the Heating & Air Conditioning business for some help. They came out plus checked our lake condo before suggesting that I install a whole condo media air cleaner. Since I had the media media air cleaner installed in the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment, the air in our lake condo is remarkable. Not only is it fresh plus clean, the air inside our lake condo smells so great. Plus, I am breathing so much easier plus even our dust sensitivity symptoms have been greatly reduced.


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