Geothermal heat pump is the environmentally responsible choice

My partner as well as I have consistently been actually environmentally responsible. When we built our new home, it was severely pressing to us to make every operation as red as possible. Heating as well as cooling accounts for approximately 50% of the household energy consumption, but obviously, finding an environmentally friendly means of temperature control was a priority! Geothermal heating as well as cooling is the top option of the EPA because it makes use of a renewable energy source. The ground absorbs sun as well as remains at a fairly constant temperature all year round. It doesn’t matter the time of year or the weather, there’s also heat found underground. The geothermal plan includes a network of pipes that are buried in our backyard. These pipes transport heat back as well as forth between our lake lake house as well as the ground. The process eliminates the burning of fossil fuels as well as byproducts such as redhouse gasses. It’s perfectly clean, totally safe as well as attractively efficient. Our geothermal heat pump achieves an efficiency rating of up to 400%. This is because it generates more energy than it uses to power the equipment. We’ve also installed solar panels on the roof to handle the necessary electricity. Our geothermal heating pump costs us nothing to operate. It provides exceptional cooling as well as dehumidification in the summer time as well as handles our heating needs in the winter. It also generates our domestic hot water, eliminating that cost as well. While the geothermal plan was rather extravagant to purchase as well as install, we’ve gotten paid back in energy savings in less than more than 2 years.


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