Darn teenagers

I love my teenagers unquestionably much.

  • But when they do particular things, I sometimes wish I didn’t have them… Like the time that they were always playing ball outside in our backyard and ended up denting the heck out of our central HVAC system unit.

The central HVAC system looked particularly bad after all the dents the teenagers put into it. Eventually we had to get a brand modern central HVAC system, and I often wonder if we had to get it in the first locale because the teenagers broke our original central HVAC system. The Heating plus A/C specialist said to us that it was possible however not likely when he deemed the seasoned Heating plus A/C component completely dead. So even though it was a opening, i’m glad to hear that it was most likely not. Otherwise, my teenagers would have been in big trouble and grounded until they became adults and moved out! I’d have also forced them to go out and work on top of going to college to pay for the modern central HVAC system unit, had there been proof that their playing ball and denting the component lead to the disfigure. But since there was no proof that they broke the central HVAC system unit, I just let it go and got the thought mostly out of my mind. However, ever since we got the brand modern central HVAC system unit, the teenagers are no longer allowed to play ball in the backyard!


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