Buying a House & the a/c

When both of us called in the realtor to help us sell, she went to the thermostat & turned on the a/c

You would have to be living under a rock these days not to assume that the housing market is going crazy. This is really a seller’s market, & people are getting premium prices for their homes. A lot of the times, there are even bidding wars on houses that are no more than lackluster. I always request to buyers that if they are making an offer on a house, they should really not get into a bidding war with another buyer, no matter what. NBo house is worth that. Also, 1 thing I must request is that all buyers be sure to get fantastic inspections on the houses. Of particular importance is the Heating and Air Conditioning system. When I last sold a house, the heating & cooling barely worked. The house was fairly giant at about 3000 square feet, & it was built in the 1960s. The heating & cooling program was really put in at that time. The heating was done via a fuel oil gas furnace. There was a large tank underground, & the fuel oil people had to come & fill it up. That was so fancy! The a/c seemed to just be regular electric cooling. That was pretty fancy, too! Both of us only kept the house about four years, & by the time both of us were ready to sell, the Heating and Air Conditioning really was in extreme need of updating. But both of us didn’t want to update the Heating and Air Conditioning, as both of us just didn’t want to spend money the cost. When both of us called in the realtor to help us sell, she went to the thermostat & turned on the a/c. I felt awful because it wasn’t laboring terribly well, however her response was, “all it has to do is turn on, & both of us can say it is laboring.” That is how I assume that if you are buying a home & don’t want to have to upgrade the Heating and Air Conditioning program immediately, be sure to get it checked & do a lot of tests that require both heating & cooling.


a/c representative