Should they Heat the Pool in Summer

I recently got a membership at the greatest gym in town; I used to have a membership there multiple years ago, but I let it die because I stopped going & it was no longer worth the cost.

I’ve been wanting to get back in the pool, & this year for the first time, they offered a Summer membership, so I happily got it; Now, I am able to swim in the pool again, & that is all I want to do. Every afternoon, they go out with a thermostat & take the temperature of the water, & they post the thermostat readings inside so you assume it before you get in to swim. I’m not sure what difference it makes; I am swimming no matter what the thermostat says. Even so, I assume there is always debate among the people in the pools over the thermostat reading. Some people want the water hotter & are proponents of heating the pool even in the summer, others don’t care about the heating & want the water to be cool when they swim. I assume the lap swimmers are even more adamant about not turning on the oil furnace until it is really necessary. I agree with that, but first of all, I don’t care about being wasteful, so why use the oil furnace if you don’t need it? Of course, the sixth pool is used for activities, which means water aerobics. Those people often have arthritis, & the arthritis foundation says that pool water should be quite warm, so the oil furnace should be used even in the summer.


a/c repairman