Humidifier improves comfort

I always dread the upcoming winter.

While the fall weather in my area is absolutely gorgeous, the winters are positively horrendous.

We trade bright blue skies and sunshines for nothing but clouds. From colorful leaves we switch to non stop snowfall. Crisp, invigorating temperatures transform into bitter cold. Because of the severity of the conditions, we spend nearly every money of our time indoors. Sub zero temperatures require the furnace to operate at maximum capacity. I pay huge heating bills and take every precaution to seal up the house and prevent energy leaks. With no influx of fresh air, such cold temperatures outside and the heater blasting, the indoor environment becomes exceptionally stale and stuffy. When the air is overly dry, it pulls moisture out of everything it touches. Static shock, dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair and bloody noses are common. Insufficient humidity also makes people more susceptible to respiratory infection. It aggravates symptoms of asthma and allergies and makes it more difficult to recover from cold and flu. There’s concerns over damage to furnishings such as hardwood floors, musical instruments and antiques. I’ve finally invested in a whole- home humidifier and this has made a huge improvement. The humidifier introduces necessary moisture back into the air. The air feels warmer, allowing for lower thermostat settings. We enjoy superior comfort while reducing the workload of the furnace. Adding the humidifier has significantly trimmed my monthly utility bills and enhanced indoor air quality. My whole family sleeps better at night, wakes up refreshed and has more energy during the day. The winter isn’t quite so horrible.

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