Why a high quality commercial air conditioner is crucial for your restaurant

One small tip to running a successful restaurant is having a high turnover rate on your tables.

When customers wait a long time at a table, it means less tables for potential new customers. If they keep buying drinks, it’s not as much of a problem, but when they stop buying products, you stop making sales. Keeping your air conditioner running efficiently, and at low temperatures is a good way to keep the flow of customers moving. With a high quality commercial air conditioner, you can keep the temperature in your restaurant consistently low, so that after they eat their meal, they aren’t as likely to stick around talking and wasting valuable table seating, preventing your restaurant from making more sales, and making you miss out on money. Studies have shown that keeping the air conditioner low in a restaurant keeps people from staying too long. Polls suggest that most restaurant patrons prefer a restaurant that is too cold to a restaurant that is too warm. When you upgrade the air conditioner in your restaurant with a high quality, commercial air conditioner, you are making an investment for the longevity of your restaurant. Many times, when someone buys a restaurant, the air conditioning is in terrible condition, meaning that your HVAC is working poorly and inefficiently. What is also important is to have regularly scheduled maintenance with your commercial HVAC provider to ensure that your air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible, saving the most money for your restaurant. Contact your local commercial HVAC provider today to see what upgrades are available for your business.



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