Hotel air conditioning that let me sleep like a baby

Last summer, I had to attend a funeral for a dear friend of mine.

I left my hometown many years ago, and decided to stay with a friend for the weekend while I attended the funeral and memorial service.

The service was beautiful, and was an extraordinary celebration of my friend’s life, but when I went to lay down in my friend’s guest room for the night, I couldn’t sleep. I got up and tried to turn the thermostat down, but it was to no avail, and I felt no relief and could not bring myself to sleep in a strange situation while the air conditioner was blowing so warm. The next day, I decided to get a hotel. I didn’t want to offend my friends, but I just couldn’t sleep in a room where the air conditioner wasn’t that powerful. When I checked into the hotel, one of the first things I asked the clerk was if the air conditioner was working properly in my hotel room, and she assured me that it was. Much to my relief, this hotel room had the best air conditioner I have ever experienced. I couldn’t believe how soothing the cool air was to me, especially after staying at my friend’s house with such an inefficient air conditioner. I fell asleep within minutes of laying down, and the air was deliciously circulated throughout the room all night long. I woke up rested and was able to be present at the memorial with my friends and family, as I had not been up all night the night before.


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