My favorite restaurant became my go-to spot for meeting with clients

My job requires me to get out of the office and meet with clients.

Sometimes we meet at public business spaces, but I find that it’s more personable to bring clients to a bar or restaurant.

I like my clients to feel comfortable when making decisions with me, so I like to make sure that they have a bite to eat, and maybe a beverage or two if they’re so inclined. My boss had a particular restaurant in mind for one specific client, a steakhouse, so when I met the client there, I was surprised how hot it was inside. The food was alright, and the drinks were decent, but I couldn’t get over how muggy and steamy the air felt. I asked the manager if he could turn the air conditioner lower, and they told me that it was as low as it could go. The client was visibly uncomfortable, as we were both becoming sweaty when it was time for us to talk business. Frustrated, I asked him if he wanted to try the tavern next door, and he agreed. Immediately upon walking in the door, I was refreshed by the power of the properly working air conditioner. The rest of the evening went well and I now have a strong business relationship with the client. I will never bring new clients to the steakhouse again, not until they replace their entire HVAC system and are able to have it at a better temperature. I joked with the bartender about the air conditioner at the steakhouse and he told me that when the owners bought the building, one of the first things they did was overhaul the entire HVAC system, since the existing air conditioner and heater were over 50 years old, and that the steakhouse likely was using inefficient, outdated HVAC equipment. The tavern became my new go-to spot for meeting with clients.

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