Upgrading my HVAC system to increase equity in my home

My wife and I have lived in our home for the last eight years, it has served us well, and while we’re not ready to move just yet, we have been thinking about the future, and getting ready to sell our house.

  • Many of the decisions we’ve made are all with the goal of increasing the value of our house before we put it on the market.

We have upgraded the appliances, installed LED lighting throughout the house, overhauled the landscaping, and most recently, we have decided to upgrade our HVAC system. Our old furnace was incredibly outdated, and while it had been properly maintained, it was taking up space in a room that we wanted to convert to a livable space, and since we lived in a very mild climate, we didn’t need the furnace. A heat pump can be placed outside, and uses a condenser and evaporator to heat your home in the winter, and cool it in the summer. The installation was very quick, especially since our existing ductwork was in great condition from regularly scheduled maintenance from our local HVAC company. Our new heat pump was a great investment to our home, it is much more energy efficient than our traditional gas furnace, greatly lowering our energy bills each month. Our main concern when it came to the heat pump installation was air quality, but our HVAC provider ensures us that the air quality would be the same, if not better than before, as long as we regularly change the air filters. Installing a heat pump was a great way to add value of our home, just in time for us to bring it to market.

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