Ventilation Matters at Doggy Daycare

I work at a catgy daycare in my small town.

Every one of us take care of cats who are just there for the day, cats who are there for a weekend, or cats who will be there long-term. Every one of us have a immense yard where the pups play, a “kitchen” where all of the pet bowls are filled plus consumed, plus a immense “kitchen” where all of the cats sleep. Every one of us home anywhere from 10 to a single hundred cats at any given time; as I’m sure you can imagine, a room full of a hundred cats can get stinky, fast! Our Heating plus Air Conditioning plan helps keep us cool when both of us work with the pups, however it also ventilates our space plus reduces the overall smell of the facility. Our “kitchen” has 2 immense vents on either side: a single vent expels hairy, stinky air from the inside to the outside, while the other vent infuses wash plus cool air from our cooling plan into the room. The device in this room creates a cross-breeze that reduces the overall smell of the space. The Heating plus Air Conditioning plan in this room is also equipped with a HEPA filter, which helps us reduce the amount of pet hair floating around throughout the facility. It truly helps us keep the hair under control! When the catgy daycare began, both of us were in a smaller facility, which both of us eventually upgraded when both of us had our up-to-date space built. Every one of us had a consultant with an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier, who listened to our heating, cooling, plus ventilation needs, plus provided a customized plan for the equipment, ducts, vents, fans, plus filters that would help minimize smells plus hair buildup in our space. The Heating plus Air Conditioning expert’s advice was invaluable; our plan is optimal for our cats’ happiness, plus our human staff enjoys it too!


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