Grandpa informed us someone stole his outdoor AC

Though the old neighborhood had changed, my grandpa was adamant he didn’t want to move.

  • He loved his old home and would rather stay put.

My dad was always worried about him because the area was insecure. There had been numerous cases of break-ins, but the police didn’t have many leads. Despite this, my grandpa resisted all proposals from my parents to come to live with us. Last week, grandpa was the victim of a crime. Someone had come into his backyard and stolen his outdoor air conditioning unit. His house was hot, and he wanted us to help him out. The first thing dad did was rush over to make sure he was okay. Without the outdoor HVAC, the central cooling unit wasn’t functioning. So he informed me to go to town and buy grandpa a portable AC. That way, he could cool the house room by room. I knew from his tone, dad had tried to convince grandpa to come with him, but he refused. It was easier to get him the air conditioner rather than make him leave his home. I went online and found an HVAC vendor selling a portable air conditioner. It was a smart aircon which I worried would be a challenge for grandpa. He wasn’t a big fan of technology. However, when he saw the cooling unit, he was stoked. He asked me to connect it and show him how to operate the digital thermostat. I downloaded the app on his phone and guided him. It took several tries for him to learn. I opted to activate the temperature sensor that made it easier to operate the quality HVAC. Dad left, but I decided to spend the night and rewatch some old films. I was pleased by how efficient the new AC system was.

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