I’m glad that there’s air conditioning everywhere now

Back when I was growing up in the south, there was hardly anyone who had central air conditioning in their houses.

It was one of those things where you knew exactly which people in town had central A/C and which ones didn’t.

Obviously, most of the people who had central A/C were more wealthy than the others. We weren’t poor exactly, but we weren’t rich either. We didn’t have central air conditioning, and the only people that we knew who did were the owners of the general store in town. Of course, we never hung out at their house but a few times they invited us over for Sunday dinner. I remember the very first time we went there on a hot summer Sunday and we went inside the dining room. The cold air hit me right in the face and it was the best feeling ever! I remember sitting there in the A/C and wishing that I would never have to leave and go back out into the heat of the summer afternoon. When I grew up and moved out, I purchased a window unit air conditioning unit and took it with me everywhere that I went. I knew that from that moment on, I was never going to be content living anywhere without air conditioning again. Of course, these days, there are way more people who have central air conditioning. Almost every business and church building has A/C, along with most cars. I’m glad that there’s central air conditioning almost everywhere that I go now.


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