Ended the complaints with HVAC upgrade

I have tried so hard not to be my father or my mother for that matter. This was really important to me when my wife and I decided to start a family. But my wife was on the same page that I was when it came to raising kids. This was good because I just didn’t want to repeat the way I was brought up. My parents raised me with fear, guilt and a bit of intimidation. I was seriously afraid of my dad until I was an adult. And honestly, both my parents are lovely people. They just thought that super strict parenting was the way to go. Like I was terrified to even touch the HVAC thermostat. My dad was very strict when it came to the heating and cooling in the house. This was mainly due to him trying to spend the very least amount of money on heating and cooling. So it’s sort of strange that my kids did nothing but complain about the thermostat setting. I’m glad the kids don’t fear me but, I could stand with a bit more deference perhaps. Reminding them that I paid the bills and the HVAC heating and cooling bills as well didn’t really help either. But I ended all those complaints by calling the HVAC company. They sent out an HVAC professional who changed our HVAC system over to a zone controlled HVAC environment. Now, there are 5 independent thermostats throughout the house. So everyone can now have the exact heating and cooling comfort they desire. Not the way my dad would have solved it but that’s okay with me too.


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