Enjoying new HVAC in favorite vacation spot

For some reason, my husband and I have vacationed in the same spot for at least a week each year.

Well, I shouldn’t say for some reason. The reason is that this spot is so unique and perfect that it sort of resets our souls. The place is set in nature and is primitive and basic. That doesn’t mean that we sleep on mats on the floor either. There are wonderful, if not elaborate, amenities at this vacation spot. But, it’s also unlike any sort of lodging experience we have ever encountered. Like the fact that there was only HVAC heating and cooling in the main dining hall. Our cabins or huts didn’t have air conditioning. And there were times where we certainly could have used it. The fans came in handy but I have to say there were several nights where an air conditioner would have been more appropriate. When we went out to book our stay this year, we found out that the entire property now had HVAC equipment. We were both thrilled but maybe also a bit tentative. It’s just that we hoped the heating and cooling wouldn’t ruin the vibe that place had going. Honestly, I really liked the idea of air conditioning. Yet, I really didn’t want the perfectly bucolic scene destroyed by the sounds of 30 heat pumps or something. That’s a symphony that I can get just sticking my head out the door in the summer. I’m pleased to report that the ductless heat pumps were so quiet that you hardly even knew they were there. And being able to sleep with some HVAC cooling just added to the bliss that is that week for my husband and I.

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