Wasn’t happy about my air filters getting caught in my HVAC

I was quite angry with our central heating plus a/c appliance.

As of late every single time I went to change the air filter it consistently jammed up in there.

I really had a heck of a time trying to get the air filter unlatched from the central heating plus a/c appliance. I have had to resort to using pliers at times, which gets the air filter pieces trapped in there when it breaks apart! Then I am having to clean up all the mess out of the air filter area of the central heating plus a/c appliance. It actually is a pretty serious headache all around. I contacted our local heat plus a/c appliance dealership that I bought the central Heating plus A/C appliance from about this. They sent one of their certified heating plus cooling specialists to have a good look at it. It turns out that the air filter locale in the entire Heating plus A/C set up was completely faulty, which was their fault. So they arranged for another heating plus cooling service appointment to come plus service it. And they were going to do the service for free! I would not have to pay a cent because it was their carelessness that had been causing the air filters of our central heating plus a/c appliance to jam up to begin with. The heat plus a/c specialists came out a week later to do the task plus get this problem taken care of. Following this, I was able to put in plus unfasten air filters from our central heating plus a/c appliance with no issues!

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