I ended up getting custody thanks to the weather conditions control system not laboring

I entirely can’t sit our ex-partner because she cheated on me, and furthermore, she has never been a nice mother to our son, and she even tried to argument myself and others for custody, however the thing that entirely made myself and others miserable was the fact that her modern guy was an aged acquaintance of mine, but of course, we’re no longer friends, however it still bothers me, and he was trying to testify against myself and others and he was going to make up stories to convince the judge that I was a terrible father. That couldn’t be further from the truth because I was always there for our child no matter what, but i even got him things I thought he needed like a window air conditioner unit for his room and a nice desk for him to learn on. I played catch with him often and made sure he always knew to get nice exercise instead of staying cooped up indoors all the time like his mother would have. His mother always just wanted to crank the air conditioner and stay at home. I always wanted to get out and do stuff… Well apparently she was doing stuff when I was not home, stuff with our backstabbing friend. Well it was amusing when he came to court to testify against me. He has terrible dust sensitivities and the weather conditions control system quit laboring in the court building. He was sneezing so poor that he was not able to testify and he ended up not doing that at all, even when the judge offered him another day. I think if the weather conditions control system had been laboring and the air purification system was on, he would have been superb and he might have ruined our life. Fortunately, I have our child now and everything is okay.