My wife is a bigger gambler than I imagined

My wife admitted that she had a serious gambling problem when we first met, but I never pressed her on the issue.

I never realized how bad the problem was until we started living together.

I finally came to see what she was always busy doing before we made that step in our lives. She was always going to the casino. She said in the first place, she just loved the environment with all the lights and enjoyable sounds. The slot machines were calling to her pretty much. She started gambling all the time with friends and before she knew it, she was hooked. She always would find the slots that were under HVAC vents so she could relax with the A/C washing over her. She would do that with a ton of money to gamble and this would be her regular thing on the weekends. A lot of friends quit going with her because they didn’t have all that money to gamble away. Sometimes she would win big and sometimes she would go broke. That’s just the nature of gambling I suppose. She talked me into going to the casino with her one time. I played a few slots and some blackjack, but I ended up just watching her play while relaxing with the air conditioning. Honestly, the whole gambling thing is not for me, but I won’t force her to stop if she wants to keep doing it. I just hope that she will be smart not to waste all the money she makes, and we have talked about that to a certain extent.


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