I remember when the two of us were snowed in at the cabin

I particularly will never forget the time when I went to a condo deep in the woods with our wifey.

I thought it would be the ultimate affectionate getaway.

I figured the two of us could do a little hunting plus I could cook for our wifey over the fireplace. I wanted it to be something easily special, plus I even brought along a great amount of wine, which I knew would help keep us sizzling on the inside… Well, the weather was okay when the two of us arrived at the cabin, but after that I were slammed by a serious Wintertide storm that lasted for days. Both of us were snowed in plus it was kind of a horrifying experience. I made sure to keep the chimney from clogging up with snow plus I kept a fire roaring in the fireplace… Fortunately, I was able to access the wood supply which was substantial to last for the entire month even with the fire roaring properly. Both of us were able to keep the locale nice plus toasty plus fortunately the two of us had enough food to get through the storm. I mean by the fifth morning the two of us were eating peanut butter plus jelly sandwiches plus beans. I thought I would get some hunting time in however I was never able to do that. When the two of us were able to clear the snow plus a plow came out to help us, the two of us decided to leave early. That was an experience that felt more adore a month than multiple days, but I’ll always remember to bring an acceptable food supply in the future instead of thinking I can just hunt for everything the two of us need.

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