They are fighting and joking all the time

For a long time, it would always pain me to go visit my brother and his wife.

These two have a strange type of love for each other as they seem to get off on making fun of eachother.

It was difficult for me to get used to. Actually, I don’t think I ever got fully used to the way they act. I didn’t know if I should be defending my brother or his wife when they start talking crazy. Sometimes I can’t even tell if they’re in a real argument or not because they start laughing at each other after having a shouting match. One thing that I knew they had a big issue with was their temperature control settings. They always would be fighting about that. I offered my advice that they should invest in either HVAC zone control or maybe get a ductless mini split with multiple zones. They laughed at me and told me to shut up. Later on my brother apologized to me and said they were just getting into it a little bit and joking around. He asked me about the HVAC zone control and I told him about how you can have different zones with customized temperature control settings. He was interested so he called up his HVAC company and had his HVAC system upgraded. Now they have customized temperature control settings in different areas of the home, but they still are always fighting, or joking, I don’t really know anymore with them. I don’t even like visiting but at least the thing with the temperature control settings isn’t so bad anymore.

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