The thing was donezo

With the warm season almost upon us, I decided to go ahead plus turn the a/c back on inside of our house.

I can’t lay it when the temperature in the house is anywhere above seventy three degrees plus so I run the air conditioning system from May all the way through the end of September most of the time.

However, this time when I turned the a/c on, nothing even happened. I checked the thermostat batteries plus they were good, so I started to do a little bit of detective task work to try plus figure out what the issue was. The air conditioning system vents felt to me that there was barely any air blowing through them at all. I started to suppose that perhaps something was blocking the air vents although I couldn’t figure out what it might be inside the system. I messed around with various of the air vent covers although I couldn’t find any single thing that was blocking them. Then I realized that one of the things that I hadn’t thought to go and check was the main air conditioning system component down in the basement.That’s when I realized what the complication absolutely was. I have various furry cats plus they all have certainly long hair. Apparently, the shedding of the pet hair this past Spring had totally gotten the best of the air filters in our poor air conditioning system unit. The air filter was completely covered with plus plugged up entirely with various different kinds of pet hair! There was no air getting through those horrible air vents at all, so it was no wonder that our a/c wasn’t working properly.



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