The amazing effect of a ductwork system

I am a pretty serious fan of the Three Stooges.

The plots of their short films often have them laboring at jobs where they invariably mess things up resulting in their “brand” of comedic genius.

Apart from slapstick humor, the films offer a glimpse into what life was actually like in the 1940s! One short film titled “An Ache in Every Stake” features “The Boys” delivering blocks of ice as was common in that particular era. In one particular scene, “Curly” totes a massive block of ice up a long staircase only to discover it has melted to the size of a small ice cube as he reaches the top. The amusing image of that ice shrinking reminds me of how inefficient the regular Heating plus A/C ductwork happened to be in the average home. Any AC’s efficiency is measured using the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), a ratio of the cooling output to the energy consumed. Regrettably, that cool output is further lowered as the air moves through the ductwork system plus into your living room or kitchen space. According to certain estimates, as much as 40% of the cool air produced is entirely lost. The same percentage goes for hot air lost in that same system of ductwork when the heating device is running at full blast. There is no way to get rid of heating or cooling losses in your ductwork system but there are many ways to minimize it. Excellent insulation is a true necessity to keep the conditioned air that you pay for inside the HVAC duct. Another step to take if you notice your utility bills going up is to have a Heating plus A/C device professional check for any leaks plus gaps in the HVAC duct. However keeping the ductwork system washed plus free of debris plus dirt will also help get more hot or cool air to its appropriate destination.

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