The World’s Most Unanswerable Question

People who are tactful and possess diplomacy skills have grappled with the world’s most unanswerable question: Does this make me look fat? If the person asking has a slender build the obvious answer is, “Of course not”.

If the query comes from someone not so svelte, then the question becomes unanswerable for people who value honesty.

The choice is to make a distracting comment like, “That’s very nice, but I think the color is wrong for you.” Another option is to say something that the person will accept as a compliment like, “Oh, you look great in anything.” The worst thing a husband can do is answer with a simple “Yes.” That will probably land him on the sofa for a few days and could result in a month-long diet if you both need to drop a few pounds. Brutal honesty should be avoided when a person’s vanity is on display, but there are some cases when questions need simple and terse answers. A perfect example is when a homeowner is choosing the best HVAC contractor for a system installation to replace an old and worn-out HVAC system. Some have estimated that at least half of all new systems in U.S. homes do not perform to their rated efficiency as a result of improper installation. This means that any HVAC contractor must be able to answer to your satisfaction if they have the expertise to make a quality installation. After that, you will want answers about their recommended HVAC equipment, if they favor one brand over another, and if they will inspect the existing ductwork. Finally, your questions about maintenance plans, warranties and payments plans should be clearly addressed. The answers may decide if your wallet will look fat after getting a new HVAC system installed.

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