I have ended up back in my parents basement

I have had a few drawbacks over the past year and at this point, I have ended up moving back into my parents’ beach house again, however i really never thought that I would have to do that, however I got laid off because of Covid and then things just spiraled downward from there.

I have to be able to get my act back together, however I didn’t have enough emergency money saved up to stay afloat and so now, here I am. I can’t suppose that I’m still in this situation, even though I’m almost thirty years ancient at this point, my parents are really great, however they weren’t really thinking that I was going to be living in the basement at this point in my life. In other words, my parents weren’t thinking about having an adult child living here when they originally built the beach house and finished the basement! They didn’t really set up the basement for someone to be living down there the way that I’m going to have to, but there isn’t even a heating and cooling system set up in their basement… And since there is no air duct down there, there’s no way for the heating and cooling from their Heating as well as A/C system to get down into the basement. I assume disappointing enough as it is that my parents are taking myself and others in, so I don’t want them to have to spend more money on an Heating as well as A/C replace for my sake! I guess every one of us are going to end up having a ductless mini chop cooling system installed down in the basement. It’s fairly inluxurious and it can give both heating and cooling.

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