There is one thing you have to have if you live in the south

If you live in the south and you don’t have central air conditioner, then you are actually going to be miserable.

That’s one thing that I have l acquired ever since I started living down here a few years ago.

I first moved down here to this section of the country because of my task, and at first I didn’t know if I was going to be able to sit it or not! The un-even temperatures down here start heating up at the end of March and they don’t let up and start cooling down until the end of October. It is rough, especially for someone care about me who grew up in a much cooler section of the country where the climate control isn’t that big of an issue, and for me, figuring out how to deal with the high un-even temperatures was a big deal at first. I thought that I would be okay to just have a little window equipment air conditioner idea in my study room at night when I first moved here. After all, a window equipment was all that I had in my house when I lived up north and that wasn’t a complication for me at all. It provided enough cooling for me in the summers so that I could sleep comfortably and it didn’t cost legitimately much to operate! However, when I moved to the south, a little window equipment wasn’t nearly powerful enough to keep me comfortable! I ended up having to have central air conditioner installed so that the whole house could be cool… Without it, you end up with lots of moisture and mold inside your house and that’s just terrible! Central air conditioner is truly a must if you’re going to live down here.


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